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泰晓资讯·06月 / 第四期 / 2019

Wang Chen 创作于 2019/06/28

“泰晓资讯”,广泛报道 “Linux/开源” 业界资讯。欢迎广大读者投递相关资讯来源和素材,本站将进一步收集整理后发布给大家。

Linux Lab 发布 v0.1,迎来史上第 1 个正式版本

从 2016 年发起,经过数年的开发与迭代,Linux Lab 终于迎来了第 1 个正式版本:v0.1

经过最近数月的重构和完善,Linux Lab 在最近一个月内已经连续发布了 v0.1 rc1, v0.1 rc2v0.1 rc3。rc1 是该项目历史上发布的第一个候选版本,主要是在原有功能的基础上添加了 raspi3 和 risc-v 支持,rc2 主要是修复了一些 Bugs,rc3 则大幅优化了下载体验,v0.1 正式版则进一步打开了 kvm 加速,完善了 debug 功能。几个 rc 版本迭代过来,其健壮性和使用体验大大提升。

更多详细更新信息,请点击 Linux Lab 发布 v0.1

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2019 年 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit(开源峰会) 于 6 月 24 日至 26 日在中国上海举行。

ASAN FRANCISCO, April 10, 2018 – The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced the full schedule for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 2019, taking place June 24–26, 2019, in Shanghai, China. ……

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linus 2019

开源峰会,原名为 LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen(简称 LC3),是社区合作,分享信息和了解当今最重要的开源技术和主题的首选大会,会议内容涵盖 “原生云(cloud native)”应用,“Serverless无服务器架构”,“微服务(microservices)” ,物联网(IoT),人工智能(AI),网络,Linux 等方面的最前沿课题。

2019年,开源峰会和 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 首次联合举办:即本次在中国主办的 “KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + 开源峰会”。

Linux 5.2-rc6 计划于本周六发布

rc6 is the biggest rc in number of commits we’ve had so far for this 5.2 cycle (obviously ignoring the merge window itself and rc1). And it’s not just because of trivial patches (although admittedly we have those too), but we obviously had the TCP SACK/fragmentation/mss fixes in there, and they in turn required some fixes too.

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Linux 5.2-rc6 计划于本周六发布。 Linus Torvalds 写道,“rc6 是迄今为止我们在这个 5.2 发布周期中包含提交数最多的 rc。”

Raspberry Pi 4 现已开始发售

We have a surprise for you today: Raspberry Pi 4 is now on sale, starting at $35. This is a comprehensive upgrade, touching almost every element of the platform. For the first time we provide a PC-like level of performance for most users, while retaining the interfacing capabilities and hackability of the classic Raspberry Pi line.

关键词:Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4 现已开始发售,起步价 35 美元。 Raspberry Pi 博客文章指出,“这是一次全面的升级,几乎涉及了平台的每个元器件。我们第一次为大多数用户提供媲美 PC 的性能,同时保留了经典的 Raspberry 的接口功能和高度可定制性“。 此版本还提供不同的内存选项(1GB (价格为 35 美元),2GB (价格为 45 美元)或 4GB (价格为55美元))。

LWN: Python 核心库的清理

Python is, famously, a “batteries included” language; it comes with a rich standard library right out of the box, which makes for a highly useful starting point for everyone. But that does have some downsides as well. The standard library modules are largely maintained by the CPython core developers, which adds to their duties; the modules themselves are subject to the CPython release schedule, which may be suboptimal. For those reasons and others, there have been thoughts about retiring some of the older modules; it is a topic that has come up several times over the last year or so.


Python 作为一种非常容易上手的编程语言,它为每个使用者提供了一个丰富的标准库。但目前的问题是这个标准库太大了,增加了核心开发人员的工作维护量。人们一直在考虑移除一些较旧的模块; 过去一年中社区多次讨论过这个话题。在 2018 年的 Python 语言峰会(Python Language Summit,简称 PLS)上 Christian Heimes 提了一个 PEP (Python Enhancement Proposals) 594,试图收集整理那些无用的模块列表。今年的 PLS 上大家继续对这一议题展开了激烈的讨论。

LWN: 为 openSUSE 起个新名字

In mid-May, LWN reported on the discussions in the openSUSE project over whether a separation from SUSE would be a good move. It would appear that this issue has been resolved and that openSUSE will be setting up a foundation as its new home independent of the SUSE corporation. But now the community has been overtaken by a new, related discussion that demonstrates a characteristic of free-software projects: the hardest issues are usually related to naming.


正如我们在 “泰晓资讯·06月 / 第一期 / 2019” 中所报道的,openSUSE 组织将从 SUSE 中独立出来,但目前有一个棘手的问题是,openSUSE 需要给自己起一个新的名字。这么做是希望更多地独立于 SUSE,特别是在商标问题上。尽管从各方面来看,SUSE管理层现在完全支持 openSUSE。但谁知道说不定哪天公司的态度就会发生改变。如果 SUSE 再次被出售,新的所有者会对 openSUSE 项目采取什么样的态度还真不好说。但在改名字这件事情上,各方明显还未达成共识。

LWN: 我们是否可以给一些 Debian 的开发人员支付报酬?

In an offshoot of the Debian discussion we looked at last week, the Debian project has been discussing the idea of paying developers to work on the distribution. There is some history behind the idea, going back to the controversial Dunc-Tank initiative in 2006, but some think attitudes toward funding developers may have changed—or that a new approach might be better accepted. While it is playing out with regard to Debian right now, it is a topic that other projects have struggled with along the way—and surely will again.


最近在 Debian 社区中一直在讨论的一个话题是,是否需要给一些为 Debian 做贡献的开发人员支付工资以及该如何正确地操作。这显然并不是一个新话题,讨论非常激烈,虽然还未得到一个大家都满意的结论。如何为自由软件项目提供资金一直是一个悬而未决的问题。如果 Debian 能开个好头,找到前进的方向,那对社区其他人来说肯定也是一个福音。

LWN: 内核通用通知机制及其安全策略

Interfaces for the reporting of events to user space from the kernel have been a recurring topic on the kernel mailing lists for almost as long as the kernel has existed; LWN covered one 15 years ago, for example. Numerous special-purpose event-reporting APIs exist, but there are none that are designed to be a single place to obtain any type of event. David Howells is the latest to attempt to change that situation with a new notification interface that, naturally, uses a ring buffer to transfer events to user space without the need to make system calls. The API itself (which hasn’t changed greatly since it was posted in 2018) is not hugely controversial, but the associated security model has inspired a few heated discussions.

关键词:kernel, events notification, security

David Howells 在去年就给内核提交了一个补丁, 希望采用一种统一的方式实现内核向用户空间发送事件通知,基本思路是使用 ring buffer,避免用户程序调用复杂的系统调用。目前补丁发展了一年多,自去年一来该补丁并没有大的本质变化,最近的讨论主要集中在该方式是否会引入安全性的问题上并引发了激烈的讨论。由于意见不一,该补丁看上去还无法随 5.3 合入版本主线。

LWN: “split lock” 问题的检测和处理

The Intel architecture allows misaligned memory access in situations where other architectures (such as ARM or RISC-V) do not. One such situation is atomic operations on memory that is split across two cache lines. This feature is largely unknown, but its impact is even less so. It turns out that the performance and security impact can be significant, breaking realtime applications or allowing a rogue application to slow the system as a whole. Recently, Fenghua Yu has been working on detecting and fixing these issues in the split-lock patch set, which is currently on its eighth revision.

关键词:split lock

所谓 “split lock” 指的是处理器在运行单条指令运算时有可能会跨越两个 cache line。为了保证操作的原子性,系统不得不在处理器访问两条 cache line 期间锁住总线。 这个现象在 Intel 芯片上尤为突出,因为 Intel 的芯片允许非对齐条件下对内存的访问,而这在其他架构上(譬如 ARM 或者是 RISC-V)一般是不允许的。

“split lock” 操作对系统性能和安全方面会有较大的影响,在应用上会影响一些实时的应用或者由于一些应用的问题导致系统性能下降。 最近,来自 Intel 的 Fenghua Yu 提交了一个补丁,着力于解决这个问题,补丁的提交已经迭代到第 8 个版本。社区的专家对这个补丁提出了很多建议,包括来自 Thomas Gleixner 和 Ingo Molnar 这些大牛。虽然还有一些问题未解决,但这个补丁有希望在不久的将来被合入主线。


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