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泰晓资讯·3 月 / 第一期 / 2022

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“泰晓资讯”,广泛报道 “Linux/开源” 业界资讯。欢迎广大读者投递相关资讯来源和素材,本站将进一步收集整理后发布给大家。

  • Linux 内核最新消息


Linus Torvalds 于本周初发布了 Linux 5.17-rc6。回顾过去的一周,Linus 的体会是 "nobody can claim that last week was *normal*, but whatever crazy things are going on in the world (and I personally had "Zombieapocalypse" on my bingo card, not "Putin has a mental breakdown"), it doesn't seem to have affected the kernel much." 当然他指的是世界局势而非 Linux 内核社区里发生了什么,内核的开发依然很稳健。

随着 RC 版本的持续推出。Linux 5.17 有望在两周内稳定并正式。Linux 5.16-rc6 中的修改依然中规中矩,但 Linus 确实对可能阻碍最终版本按时发布表达一些乐观上的谨慎。他在邮件中是这么说的: "While things look reasonably normal, we _are_ getting pretty late in the release, and we still have a number of known regressions. They don't seem all that big and scary, but some of them were reported right after the rc1 release, so they are getting a bit long in the tooth. I'd hate to have to delay 5.17 just because of them, and I'm starting to be a bit worried here. I think all the affected maintainers know who they are..." 看起来发布时间还是有所推迟,特别是仍然有一些性能衰退未解决。它们看起来并不那么大和可怕,但其中一些是在 rc1 之后就被报告出来的,到现在还没有彻底解决,拖的时间有点长了。所以 Linus 先生有点担心这会影响 5.17 按时发布。

https://www.kernel.org/ updated by 2022/3/4

longterm4.4.302 [EOL]2022-02-03

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  • Linux 内核开发将从 C89 升级到 C11

It looks like for the Linux 5.18 kernel cycle coming up it could begin allowing modern C11 code to be accepted rather than the current Linux kernel codebase being limited to the C89 standard.

看起来对于即将到来的 Linux 5.18 内核开发周期,将开始接受更新的符合 C11 标准的代码,而当前的 Linux 内核代码仅限于支持 C89 标准。

在经过一番邮件列表讨论之后,Linus Torvalds 提出了将 C 版本标准从 C89 提升到 C99 的想法。但事实证明,以当前内核对最低版本编译器要求和当前代码的情况,实际上应该已经可以使用 C11 构建内核。

由于从 Linux 5.15 开始已经将编译器要求提高到 GCC 5.1 以及最近对代码库的其他改进,我们现在就可以开始使用 C11/GNU11 安全地构建 Linux 内核。

本周一,Arnd Bergmann 发了一个新补丁,允许在构建 Linux 内核时默认采用 “-std=gnu11” 选项。以后,开发内核将允许使用更多精彩的符合 C99/C11 标准的特性,而不再是仅限于 C89。由于这一变化已经得到了 Linus Torvalds 的支持,假设没有发现任何基本问题,它可能会在下一个内核合并窗口中被合入主线。

原文新闻出处,“Linux Kernel Moving Ahead With Going From C89 To C11 Code” https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-Kernel-C89-To-C11

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  • Linux 内核收到最新一批 LoongArch 补丁

China’s Loongson has posted their latest set of patches for enabling their MIPS-derived LoongArch CPU architecture for the Linux kernel.

来自中国的 Loongson 发布了他们最新的补丁集,用于为 Linux 内核启用其 LoongArch CPU 架构。Loongson 的工程师们一直致力于在 Linux 以及相关的开源生态系统中支持 LoongArch,从最初在 GNU 和 LLVM 工具链中添加对该款 CPU 目标的支持到其他底层库,同时还致力于在 Linux 内核中添加对 LoongArch 的支持。

虽然 LoongArch 内核补丁的早期版本因复制了现有的 MIPS 代码而受到批评,但 Loongson一直在努力解决这些问题,并于近日发布了他们的第六版 LoongArch 补丁。补丁的说明中总结了对 LoongArch 的描述:"LoongArch is a new RISC ISA, which is a bit like MIPS or RISC-V. LoongArch includes a reduced 32-bit version (LA32R), a standard 32-bit version (LA32S) and a 64-bit version (LA64). LoongArch use ACPI as its boot protocol LoongArch-specific interrupt controllers (similar to APIC) are already added in the next revision of ACPI Specification (current revision is 6.4)."。该描述对大家进一步理解 LoongArch 是一个很好的参考。

该 v6 系列代码是基于 Linux 5.16-rc2(仍然远远落后于最新的上游 Git),并对底层架构代码进行了许多修复和改进,具体修改有大约 23k 行新代码。

更多更详细的描述请参考原文新闻出处,“Latest Batch Of LoongArch Patches Posted For The Linux Kernel” https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=LoongArch-Linux-v6

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  • Linux 5.18 将为 RISC-V 支持 5 级页表

It was just with Linux 5.17 that its RISC-V code adds “sv48” support for being able to handle more system memory by offering 48-bit virtual address space support. Now for Linux 5.17 there is “sv57” support prepared for 57-bit virtual address space support with five level page table handling.

在 Linux 5.17 中,针对 RISC-V 代码添加了 “sv48” 支持,以便能够通过提供 48 位虚拟地址空间支持来处理更多系统内存。现在,在 Linux 5.18 中,将支持多达 57 位虚拟地址空间(“sv57”),进而实现五级页表处理。

对 sv57 扩展的支持已经在上周进入了 Linux RISC-V 的 “for-next” 分支。RISC-V sv57 支持高达 57 位的基于页的虚拟内存系统,用于满足 sv48 不够用的场景。为此,sv57 将页表扩展到五层。

社区在 2021 年底就开始对 sv57 的补丁进行了公开审查。在下个月的 Linux 5.18 合并窗口打开之前,sv57 支持已经被合入了 riscv 的 for-next 分支中。补丁中,默认情况下内核将启用 sv57 支持,如果检测出硬件平台不支持 sv57 则回退到 sv48 的 4 级页表,而如果系统连 sv48 也无法支持时,Linux 会继续回退回到 3 级页表。

更多介绍请阅读新闻出处,“Linux 5.18 To Bring RISC-V sv57 Support For 5-Level Page Tables”: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=RISC-V-sv57-Linux-5.18

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  • Vodafone 和 Canonical 合作开发一款 “云智能手机”

Vodafone in collaboration with Canonical is showing a prototype “Cloud Smartphone” as Mobile World Congress happening this week in Barcelona.

在上周于巴塞罗那 (Barcelona) 举行的世界移动大会 (Mobile World Congress)上,沃达丰 (Vodafone)与 Canonical 合作展示了一款原型“云智能手机(Cloud Smartphone)”。

这次与过去失败的 Ubuntu Touch / Ubuntu Phone 项目不同,这款手机的设计想法是 Vodafone 想利用 Canonical 的 Anbox Cloud 在云中运行 Android。

到目前为止,在 MWC 2022 上展示的这种 “云智能手机” 只是一款原型。新闻稿原文摘录如下:

The prototype Cloud Smartphone will be showcased on Vodafone’s stand at MWC 2022 in Barcelona, demonstrating the concept of a smartphone running entirely on the cloud while leaving basic functionality on the device a user holds. With the use of Canonical’s Anbox Cloud, Vodafone can test a software stack that allows for the implementation of running the Android operating system in the cloud by moving all the processing to a virtual machine. Because of this, the device of choice will only need to use basic video-decoding capabilities, enabling simple objects to take on smartphone tasks. The integration with functions remaining on the physical device like camera, location or available sensors, provides the user with an environment that shows no difference to what they are regularly used to having.

The ability to offload compute, storage and energy-intensive applications from devices (x86 and Arm) to the cloud enable end-users to consume advanced workloads by streaming them directly to their device. Anbox Cloud also allows developers to deliver an on-demand application experience through a platform that provides more control over performance and infrastructure costs, with the flexibility to scale based on user demand.

从原型手机的演示可以看出,所谓云上运行的概念,即在将基本功能保留在用户持有的设备上的同时,通过使用 Canonical 的 Anbox Cloud 将所有处理转移到虚拟机来实现在远程服务器上运行 Android 操作系统。正因为如此,设备硬件只需要具备基本的诸如相机,位置传感和视频解码功能,就可以实现智能手机的功能。更多详情,请访问 Ubuntu 的网站:https://ubuntu.com/blog/vodafone-cloud-smartphone-based-on-anbox-cloud

更多介绍请阅读新闻出处,“Vodafone + Canonical Working On A “Cloud Smartphone””: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Canonical-Vodafone-CS

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