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泰晓资讯·11月 / 第四期 / 2015

Chen Jie 创作于 2015/11/29

GIMP.org: GIMP 20 岁啦

Back in 1995, University of California students, Peter Mattis and Kimball Spencer, were members of the eXperimental Computing Facility, a Berkeley campus organization of undergraduate students enthusiastic about computers and programming. In June of that year, the two hinted at their intentions to write a free graphical image manipulation program as a means of giving back to the free software community.

Our immediate future plans are to release first public version in the unstable 2.9.x series that will feature fully functional GEGL port, 16/32bit per channel processing, basic OpenEXR support, vastly improved color management implementation, new tools, on-canvas preview for many filters, and more.

Following v2.10 release, we shall complete the GTK+3 port that is required to bring back state of the art Wacom support for Windows users. When it’s done and GIMP 3.0 is out, we shall finally be able to get started on some very exciting and much anticipated features like non-destructive editing.

Linux 桌面老用户一定遇见过 GIMP 这个平面图像处理软件,修修证件照、备备幻灯图示、润润照片… 有没有让你爱不释手的细节呢?比如选框大小的拖动、裁剪的高亮与暗景

曾经努力想把逼格升,买了一本过百的、全 E 文、漂洋递来的「The Book of GIMP: A Complete Guide to Nearly Everything」,到头来还是没能静下心看完。至今仍只用一些皮毛,但却是日常用的工具。

有人还记得 GTk+ 全称是叫做 “the GIMP Toolkit” 吗? - 应 GIMP 而诞生的图形控件库。

嵌入式 Linux 欧洲 2015 年会议:幻灯视频 放出

  • 如何让 Linux 内核支持一个多功能设备?带你参观 mfd、regmap 和 syscon APIs - PDF
  • 理解 Linux 上的 USB - PDF
  • 防止显示撕裂:原子式的 KMS 驱动 - PDF
  • 调试器是怎么工作的?- PDF
  • GDB 与 Linux 内核调试整合 - PDF
  • 实践 Real-Time Linux - PDF
  • 核心系统软件 GCC、libstdc++ 以及 glibc,有其它可用的替代方案吗?- PDF
  • 在 busybox 为基础的轻量级系统上,实现 systemd 的有用特性:并行启动、服务进程托管以及 cgroup 支持 - Youtube
  • 借助机器学习改善无人机的安全性 - PDF
  • Linux 是无人机的未来 - PDF
  • GENIVI 基于定位之服务,用于车载嵌入系统 - PDF

Phoronix: 秒启 Linux

Some of the work done by Linutronix – a German company focused on Linux for industrial use-cases – included optimizations to the U-Boot boot-loader, using LZO kernel image compression, various kernel command-line tweaks, kernel configuration changes, using UbiFS, and more.

Using an Atmel AT91 ARM9 SoC with Angstrom Linux and NAND flash storage, the stock boot time began at 11 seconds but with simple optimizations dropped to 8 seconds and then with the extensive modifications in time dropped to around 656 ms.

该报告(PDF)同样来自 嵌入式 Linux 欧洲 2015 年会议

在内核层面优化有:选择合适的压缩选项例如 LZO、Execute in Place (XIP)、启动时间剖析(initcall_debug、printk_time=1)

在系统打包层面优化有:启动使用 initramfs、采用 UbiFS 文件系统。

最后是一个(变态的?)应用层面优化:让应用来完成所依赖的 系统初始化任务 ,比如挂载 sysfs;链接剖析和优化(使用 LD_DEBUG,剖析链接时间开销,优化 so 搜寻路径:DT_RPATH、DT_RUNPATH、LD_LIBRARY_PATH 以及 /etc/ld.so.cache)

Imagination: IoT 开发板 Creator Ci40 现在 Kickstarter 上接受预定

The cXT200 SoC includes a dual-core, dual-threaded MIPS CPU clocked at 550 MHz and an Ensigma connectivity engine that covers super-fast 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi and low-power Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy (Classic and Smart).

Support for key low-power wireless and wired protocols, including 802.15.4 6LoWPAN, 802.11 ac 2×2 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 (Smart + Classic) and super-fast Ethernet.

Creator Ci40 features plenty of I/O headers and standard interfaces (Raspberry Pi B+, mikroBUS) so you can add a wide choice of existing accessories or expansion boards.

Run your choice of GNU/Linux distributions, including OpenWrt, Debian and Brillo – the new IoT-optimized operating system from Google.

The Creator boards provide an ideal platform for trying out our free FlowCloud SDK for IoT development.

所集成的 CPU 为适于实时应用、高能效的 interAptiv 核心。顺便说句,Imagination 最近还发布了几款新 Warrior 核心的 CPUs:64 位性能优先的 P6600;以及32 位的 M6200(没有 MMU 单元)与 M6250(有 MMU 单元)。后两款 适用于 IoT、高速网络、SSD 和 Flash 控制器、GPU 协处理器、工控、车载以及可穿戴

Imagination 基础技术之完备性,渐成其另一优势,例如坐拥 CPU 和 GPU 技术,延伸出 硬件 TrustZone 方案 OmniShield,以及路线图上的异构计算方案。

在传统优势 GPU 领域,Imagination 也在积极进取,例如 Vulkan 与 Linux 开源驱动支持:“多线程下的 Vulkan” 是其 Vulkan 布道系列文章的最新一篇;另外 Imagination 仍在寻求雇用开源图形驱动的开发者

pyston: 访谈 - pyston 当前状态

Hi all, two weeks ago we gave a talk about the current status of Pyston, including some technical details about our JIT strategy and its motivation.

Pyston 是 Dropbox 的一个 JIT 实现的 Python 运行环境。

知乎:为什么计算机能读懂 1 和 0 ?


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