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泰晓资讯·8月 / 第一期 / 2020

Wang Chen 创作于 2020/08/07

“泰晓资讯”,广泛报道 “Linux/开源” 业界资讯。欢迎广大读者投递相关资讯来源和素材,本站将进一步收集整理后发布给大家。

Linux Lab 发布 v0.5 rc2,小改动大进展

Linux Lab 于 6 月底发布了 v0.5 的第一个候选版本:v0.5-rc1,首次合并了龙芯全系处理器支持,本次发布的 v0.5-rc2 改动不多,但是在社区参与方面迎来重大的里程碑,本次所有改动均来自用户和开发者的反馈或贡献。

本次合计 43 笔变更。本次变更不算多,但是对于所有历史版本而言,在用户参与方面,具有里程碑意义。因为这次的修订主要源自用户真实使用环境中报告的 Bug,参与的用户之多超出历史上任何一个版本,非常感谢大家的踊跃参与。

一方面说明越来越多的同学开始用到实际学习和工作中;另外一方面,随着真实使用的场景越来越多,报告和修复的 Bug 也越来越多,因此 Linux Lab 会越来越好用。


  • Qemu 方面
    • 进一步改善 Qemu 编译体验,在 Gitee 新增 submodules 镜像,不再有挫折感
    • 修复新镜像中的一处 Loongson qemu 编译错误
  • 文档方面
    • 新增 Arch/Manjaro docker 安装文档,感谢@taotieren 发送 PR
    • 修复 MacOS 大小写敏感的文件系统镜像制作步骤
    • 新增 “新建分支进行 Linux 开发” 的步骤
    • 显式注明工作路径,确保非内置登陆方式 ok
  • 其他问题
    • 完善两处内核模块编译问题
    • 修复一处 x86_64 首次下载内核后的内核配置文件路径问题


关键词: Linux Lab,0.5-rc2

Linux Kernel 5.8 发布

From Linus Torvalds <> Date Sun, 2 Aug 2020 14:50:18 -0700 Subject Linux 5.8 share 70 So I considered making an rc8 all the way to the last minute, but decided it’s not just worth waiting another week when there aren’t any big looming worries around.

Because despite the merge window having been very large, there really hasn’t been anything scary going on in the release candidates. Yeah, we had some annoying noise with header file dependencies this week, but that’s not a new annoyance, and it’s also not the kind of subtle bug that keeps me up at night worrying about it.

It did reinforce how nice it would be if we had some kind of tooling support to break nasty header file dependencies automatically, but if wishes were horses.. Maybe some day we’ll have some kind of SAT-solver for symbol dependencies that can handle all our different architectures and configurations, but right now it’s just a manual pain that occasionally bites us.


Aside from silly header file noise, the last week was mostly dominated by the networking pull, which accounts for about half of the changes (mellanox drivers and selftests stand out, but there’s other smaller things in there too). Some RCU fixes stand out.

Outside of the networking stuff, it’s mostly various small driver fixes (gpu, rdma, sound and pinctrl being much of it), and some minor architecture noise (arm, x86, powerpc). But it’s all fairly small.

So there it is, a shiny new kernel. Give it a whirl before all you people start sending me the pull requests for the merge window, which I’ll start handling tomorrow..


本月初(2 号)Linus 在邮件列表中正式发布了 5.8 版本。相较上一个 RC,此版本主要更新了驱动程序,增加了对一系列 Adreno GPU 芯片的支持,新的 Spectre 补丁以及对 exFAT 改进。Radeon 驱动在此版本中也得到了更好的支持,POWER10 芯片也得到了改进。

Linux 5.8 整体上的新特性包括:

  • memory management changes to improve the behaviour of systems under thrashing situations;
  • a event notification mechanism built on top of standard pipes that splices messages from the kernel into pipes opened by userspace;
  • support for having different procfs mounts with different mount options each one;
  • a Kernel Concurrency Sanitizer that helps to find data race bugs;
  • make it possible to use pidfds with setns(2) for easier attachment to the namespaces of a process;
  • support for Shadow Call Stack and Branch Target Identification in ARM64 to prevent security exploits;
  • support for Inline Encryption hardware;
  • new CAP_BPF and CAP_PERFMON capabilities for BPF and performance monitoring programs;
  • IPv6 MPLS support.


**关键词**: Linux,5.8

Ubuntu 加速投入 Google 的 Flutter 和 Dart 生态

Flutter is Google’s open-source toolkit to build cross-device (and cross-platform) applications. Based on the Dart programming language released by the company in 2013, Flutter promises developers the ability to write and maintain a single application that runs on all of a user’s devices. Flutter applications support deployment on Android, iOS, Web browsers via JavaScript, macOS, and now Canonical and Google have teamed up to support Flutter applications in Linux. Promises of native speed, rapid development, and a growing community make it an interesting technology to take a look at.

Flutter 是 Google 开发的一款开源工具包,可用于构建跨设备(以及跨平台)的应用程序。基于该公司 2013 年发布的 Dart 编程语言,Flutter 可以确保开发人员只需要编写和维护一份代码,就可以在用户的所有设备上运行。Flutter 应用程序可以运行在 Android、iOS、macOS 上,或者通过 JavaScript 在浏览器中运行。现在,Canonical 和 Google 已经承诺合作支持在 Linux 上运行 Flutter 应用程序。考虑到 Flutter 程序所具有和 native 程序语言相媲美的执行速度、快速开发的优点以及不断增长的社区,正获得越来越多人的关注。更多详细报道请阅读原文 Ubuntu invests in Google’s Flutter and Dart

关键词: Ubuntu,Google,Flutter,Dart

了解一下 Dart

Dart is a BSD-licensed programming language from Google with a mature open-source community supporting the project. It works with multiple architectures, is capable of producing native machine-code binaries, and can also produce JavaScript versions of its applications. Dart version 1.0 was released in 2013, with the most recent version, 2.8, released on June 3 (2.9 is currently in public beta). Among the open-source projects using Dart is the cross-device user-interface (UI) toolkit Flutter. We recently covered the Canonical investment in Flutter to help drive more applications to the Linux desktop, and Dart is central to that story.

Dart,是 Google 发起的一个 BSD license 编程语言,具备一个成熟的开源社区的支持。Dart 支持多种体系架构(目前可以看到支持 arm/arm64/ia32/x64),可以生成相应平台上的机器码(native machine-code binaries),也能把应用程序转化成 JavaScript 代码。Dart 的 1.0 版本是 2013 年发布的,而最新版本是 6 月 3 日发布的 2.8 版本(2.9 版本还在 public beta 阶段)。许多开源项目都在使用 Dart,其中最著名的是跨平台的用户界面开发包 Flutter。最近我们介绍过 Cananical 在 Flutter 上增加了投入,希望给 Linux 桌面带来更多的应用程序,而 Dart 就是这些开发工作的核心。如果你对新的编程语言感兴趣并且想了解一下 Dart 这门冉冉升起的新语言,可以阅读一下这篇文章 “A look at Dart”

关键词: Google,Flutter,Dart


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